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Prohemia®… A Better Choice for Iron Deficiency Anemia

For years, researchers have been looking for safe and effective ways to fight anemia. Until now, their main focus has been on prescription drugs and iron replacement. Unfortunately, the drugs being used today aren’t necessarily the most effective or safe way to fight anemia.

Iron Supplementation

Iron supplementation in certain forms of iron, such as ferrous sulfate, which can induce free radical damage and germ growth in the digestive tract. Ferrous sulfate can “break up” in the blood, is only 3% absorbed, and cause digestive problems. That is why we choose ferrous fumarate in Prohemia.

Ferrous Fumarate is a well absorbed organic form of iron which generally does not lead to stomach upset. In general, Ferrous Fumarate does not interfere with Vitamin E absorption as do some other forms of iron. 

IV iron side effects may include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, chest pain or tightness, shortness of breath, disorientation, chills, headache, fever and body aches. Other side effects include itching, rash, bloody urine, weakness, altered taste and sweating.

The Prohemia Difference

ProhemiaWith more than a dozen active ingredients in its patent pending formula, Prohemia is designed to vigorously boost your red blood cell count to healthy levels. Its ingredients help increase iron absorption, reduce inflammation and increase red blood cell production and hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is the protein that carries oxygen in your red blood cells.

Why should you choose Prohemia over iron supplements or other options

  • Safe all natural 
  • No side effects 
  • Easy to take 
  • Stimulates red blood cell and hemoglobin production 
What makes Prohemia different?

One active ingredient in Prohemia has been shown to stimulate the kidneys to produce more EPO. In fact, a double blind, placebo-controlled study carried out by researchers at Northwestern State University showed that daily consumption of the active ingredient in Prohemia increased EPO levels 44% compared to a placebo treatment.

How does Prohemia® work?

Prohemia® stimulates the kidneys to produce erythropoietin which safely increases your body’s natural production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. When this happens people feel more energy and less fatigue because their blood is carrying more oxygen.

The active ingredients in the patent-pending formula help promote red blood cell and hemoglobin production in four ways:

  • EPO Stimulation: Prohemia® increases natural erythropoietin (EPO) production, EPO is the hormone that controls the release of new red blood cells and hemoglobin into the bloodstream. 
  • Red Blood Cell Nutrients: Prohemia® provides all of the raw materials needed to produce healthy red blood cells. 
  • Iron Availability Complex: Red blood cells use iron to carry oxygen in the bloodstream. Prohemia® contains several sources of iron and iron transport factors that increase iron absorption from the diet. 
  • Potent Antioxidants: Inflammation can block red blood cell production. Prohemia® contains several potent antioxidants to reduce inflammation in the blood and promote healthy red cell formation. 

Prohemia works! 

What should I expect with Prohemia®?

In as little as four weeks, you should experience increased energy and stamina and see an improvement in red blood cell count, hematocrit, and hemoglobin levels.

Prohemia® helps you produce more healthy red blood cells to combat the symptoms of anemia and increase your energy levels without any serious side effects.


Prohemia is risk-free.

Just check your lab results for an improvement in your red blood cell numbers 30-60 days after starting Prohemia. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you can return Prohemia for a full refund.