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“I have been on dialysis for several years. My physicians wanted me to take an injection to help with my anemia, but I wanted a more natural approach. I started to use your product and I feel better and have more energy. My blood levels are improving.” 

-Valeria Rodriquez, Ca

“I have anemia related to gastric bypass surgery. I was not able to work as the effects of the anemia were totally dibilating. My children had to help me do even the littlest things. After starting Prohemia I was able to have a life again. I am now working and can do things with my kids. I can even go to the gym… you have changed my life.”

-Nicki Romero, Arizona


“I have had Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (CLL) for 6 years. This summer I was out for a morning run and ran out of breath. I was hospitalized with anemia and needed several transfusions. Nothing seemed help and the transfusions were needed more frequently. My wife found Prohemia on the internet. After using Prohemia for six weeks, my hemoglobin was up 67%. I’m feeling so much better. I have more energy in the morning. I’m bringing in the firewood and doing projects all around the house. I’m more tolerant with my children. And best of all? I haven’t had a single blood transfusion since I started taking it (Prohemia.) Blame it all on my wife.”

-Dan Bigelow, New York





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 “I watch my blood levels all of the time and these are the best results I have ever had since I was diagnosed with kidney disease 6 years ago. My physician is thrilled with the improvement. I watch my diet and exercise and I now have more energy to do the things I want to do. I used to let my house cleaning go so I could do what I am passionate about – which is volunteering. Now I have the energy to volunteer and clean my house.”

   -Henrietta Cordova, Phoenix

“My mom’s physician referred us to you and we started your product 2 weeks ago. We just got her blood drawn to see if she needed a transfusion. Her hemoglobin went from 9.5 to a 9.9 and her physician decided to wait and check her blood again. I can tell you she is feeling pretty good, not as sleepy as she was before. We are noticing a difference.”

-Luz Villafane, New York

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“I feel compelled to write a quick note on how Prohemia helped me rebuild my endurance. I am a recent cancer survivor. I had surgery followed by radiation treatment. I’m a very athletic individual who trains 6-7 days a week in martial arts, running and cycling. I struggled to regain my endurance and felt like I had chronic fatigue. I started to research various alternatives and found Prohemia®. About 3 weeks into using Prohemia® my endurance made a significant leap. I felt fresh at the end of my rides. Running was also back on track and my speed and endurance also picked up. This is a great product.”

-James Frederick FL

I have had restrictive lung disease for several years. I wanted to tell you the Prohemia is life changing. Before I started Prohemia I was so fatigued that on most days I was unable to get out of bed. Every other day I was able to get up for maybe 4 hours and then back to bed. After starting Prohemia within a couple of weeks I was able to get up every day for 12 hours a day. I have my energy back and am breathing so much better. I am seeing my pulmonary doctor next week and will let you know what he says.

-Estelle Harrison New Jersey

“I have a condition called thallasemia, in which my red blood cells carry about 15% less oxygen per cell. I really had a hard time competing as I was tired all the time. I have enjoyed using your product and have seen some great improvements in my endurance, and over-all performance. I strongly believe Prohemia has made all the difference. Thanks for the help!”

-David Panarelli, Utah Triathlete, MMA, Ski Instructor

My wife was going to the lab every Saturday to have her blood checked and it was always low. The doctors cannot find out what is wrong with her. After starting Prohemia her blood count has increased.  I want to thank you for sending me that first order. She feels so much better.

-Wilmer Thrasher Jonesboro, Ga.

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