Anemic client

Iron deficiency anemia is due to insufficient iron and is the most common cause of anemia. Without enough iron, your body can’t produce enough hemoglobin, a substance in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen. Iron is part of the hemoglobin molecule that gives red blood cells their color. With low iron in your blood, you may feel tired, weak, and irritable.

Causes of Iron Deficiency Anemia

  1. Blood loss
  2. Iron absorption issues – celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, gastric bypass
  3. Low iron diet – Elderly and vegetarians
  4. Increased need for iron in your body – pergnancy


Symptoms with iron deficiency anemia are mild at first and develop slowly. You may feel weak or tired more often than usual, or with exercise. You may feel irritable or have difficulty thinking or concentrating.

As the anemia gets worse, symptoms may include a blue color to the whites of the eyes, brittle nails, light-headedness when you stand up, sore tongue, pale skin color, or shortness of breath. Iron deficiency can lead to irregular heartbeats, chest pain, and even a heart attack.

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